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The Only Question That Really Matters For Your Marketing

Thanks to the age we get to live in, we have an ample access to a digital content of any kind. And thanks to the Hoopla app provided by my Public Library, I've been consuming books with the same speed my kids finish their Halloween candy.

One of the books on my reading list this month is Meaningful by Bernadette Jiwa. It's a marketing book for the 21st century and it focuses on creating relevance for our clients. It's not a how to book and it offers a good insight into how marketing has shifted from convincing to relating.

I often get asked about a specific tactic to reach clients. Which social media platform has a wider reach? Which website builder is easier to build a website on? And while these questions are important, the most important question that needs to be asked is often being overlooked. This is what you really should be asking me. What is the real benefit that I can provide to my client?

In other words, what is the real problem that you will be solving for your ideal client? By understanding your clients worldview and their needs better, your will be able to create a message that attracts and connects rather than grabs attention and sells, which I know, is something that probably makes you cringe.

So the good news for you, and all of us who don't want to engage in trying to pull clients in by sleazy salesmanship tactics, truth embellishments or empty promises, you don't have to! What you need to do is understand who you want to serve, how you can improve that person's life and what she is searching for. The value of your work should be easily understood and that is the real marketing work you need to focus on this year.

If you want to start working on your message right now, book a Free Discovery Call with me and together we will come up with a strategy to connect with your clients.


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