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email marketing coaching: training and skills to write ethical and compelling emails

Email Marketing for Therapists in Private Practice

why spend your time on email? 

Although email may be considered an ancient tool by contemporary digital marketing standards, it still shows
the highest returns on investment (ROI) in digital marketing.


In fact, now, with the information overload in our culture, people are looking for credible sources of information on topics like business, healthcare, science, politics, etc.  

From the business perspective, growing your own email list
of people who are interested in your services can help you develop a strong reputation and loyalty among your readers. 

Already, some healthcare providers are using email marketing to generate new streams of income for their practices. 

I can help you create your email marketing strategy and set it up on your behalf.


Get started with

email marketing today.

We'll help you plan, start and
set up your email marketing

to grow your practice. 

how can email marketing help you

While having a well-designed website for your private practice is a must, losing all the traffic of people who leave
it without scheduling an appointment is a waste.

Setting your website up in a way that allows you to stay connected with the people who find you online can help
you attract more clients, grow your reputation, and even
sell valuable tools like workshops, ebooks, and courses.

Knowing how to urge people to become your subscribers, create email campaigns and have a system to keep in touch can help you boost your business without the need to fit as many clients in your schedule as possible. 

REdD Strategy can help your therapy practice maintain important relationships and build new ones as time progresses.

"She is both knowledgeable and supportive"

"Avivit has been invaluable in helping me to start my private practice. Her thoughtful, individualized approach has been extremely helpful in putting me on the right path. She is both knowledgeable and supportive; for me, this has been the right combination to help me move forward and shape the vision of what I want the practice to be. Thank you!"  


Kevin Giangrasso, Psy.D.


Let us plan, set up,

and write your email

campaigns for you.

want us to set up your email marketing for you?

We can help set up your email marketing service, create a lead magnet, and a welcome email sequence. 

And if you would like to outsource your entire email marketing management, we can write and send targeted emails to your subscribers as often as you choose.

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