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How You Can Actually Use Your Value Proposition

Price is what you pay, value is what you get. Warren Buffet
Value proposition

If you have tried Facebook ads and failed, you are among the 62 percent of business owners who’ve found paid ads to be ineffective. Many entrepreneurs, like yourself, come out dismayed from the paid advertising experience. There are many reasons for that; such as poor targeting, lack of call to action or unclear messaging. I would like to focus on the latter, because I find it the most common and easily remedied error in paid advertising.

Marketing is more complicating than just having a paid link. It’s a psychological connection between your business and its customer. Your marketing needs to be relevant to your audience. This relevance is the value proposition for your business. So how do you determine what is relevant and what is important to mention? I want you to break this down for you into 3 main components.

  1. Knowing your audience. Your product or service offer has an ideal customer segment. It is a mistake to think that it can fit anyone, from any age category or background even if it’s generally great. You can’t make everyone happy so you have to select the group that will be the happiest with your offer. This requires a little bit of research and testing to determine. You might discover that while you were developing a product for one group of people, it fits better with another. In any case, you need to determine what the ideal group is and address it in your messaging.

  2. Understanding its pain points. After you determine who your ideal customer is. You will need to understand what kind of problem she is trying to solve. Why would this customer find your offer so compelling? Understanding the problem you are dealing with, you can find the best matched solution for solving it.

  3. Offering a benefit. Your audience and future customers don’t really care about the great features of your product, service or even your business. And your story is only interesting if they can relate to it. You are not selling a product, but the benefit it provides. You need to understand the benefits you are offering the same way you understand the problems your customers are having. Only then you will be able to evoke interest and engagement.

"Marketing is a psychological connection between your business and its customer."

These 3 elements are crucial to your messaging. Your value proposition is hiding in these components. It is only after you understand who you are serving, what problems you are solving and what are the best solutions you can provide for these problems, you can create a strong message that will resonate with your audience. And if you decide to pay for advertising, you will have a clearer understanding of the targeting and the wording you need to use for your ad to actually be effective.

To make this exercise easier for you, I created a downloadable Value Proposition template, which you can access by clicking below. You can fix your messaging today and get the attention you deserve from your future customers.


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