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4 easy ways to share your knowledge and attract clients

Believe it or not, when it comes to marketing the more generous you are, the better your marketing will be. I am not talking about giving out free services. I don't think that you should do that al all!

What I am talking about here is sharing your knowledge so that it will help you reach the right audience and attract the people that need your help.

Watch this to learn about 4 simple ways you can share your knowledge.


Hi, this is Avivit Fisher and you are tuning in to “Marketing Tips for Therapists”. 

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Today I will be talking to you about simple ways to share your knowledge. 

First I want to explain why it’s important to share your knowledge, even though you have an advanced degree to prove that you are knowledgeable. 

Since you are here to learn about marketing, it’s important to understand that good marketing should always add value to your audience. Marketing is also storytelling and the act of storytelling attracts and connects people to you, your service or your product.

Human history shows that people love stories, especially the stories that they can relate to. Now, your credentials have a lot of value. You worked hard to gain the knowledge, you paid for the education and you spent long hours to acquire it. But the mere fact that you have that will not help you connect with the audience.

Only by sharing your knowledge in a way that is relevant to your listeners will help you evoke interest in you and your services. 

I also want to mention here that you will not be giving anything away for free by sharing your knowledge. Because the essence of your work is the work you do with a client. But on the other hand, being generous and sharing your knowledge with people, will help you build authority and provide value to your potential clients. And this will make their decision process much quicker when they consider contacting you.

So how can you easily share your knowledge?

Well… You can share your knowledge in person and virtually. 

The benefit of sharing your knowledge in person is that you can be in the same physical space with your potential clients. You can have a better connection with the people who are listening to you and you have an opportunity to schedule your first appointment on the spot. The drawback is that you don’t have a very wide reach like you have online. 

So here are the 4 main ways that you can share your knowledge.

You can do workshops and book speaking engagements around a specific topic. You can do them at your office (if you have one) or in other locations. 

The second way you can share your knowledge is in interviews with reporters or by providing quotes for publications. You can sign up on help a reporter out website and be notified on the content reporters are looking for.

The third way you can share your knowledge is on your blog or write as a guest blogger on other sites. This format will allow you to create go more on depth on a specific topic and position yourself as an authority on the subject you want to be known for.

And the last way you can share your knowledge is by sharing your educated opinion on Social Media. You can comment on relevant posts, share your writing, post your videos and participate in groups. There is no right way to go about it besides trying what works for you.

The important thing to remember is that you won’t lose a potential client because you’ve been generous in sharing your knowledge. Instead, you will come across as a caring expert in your field. 

This is my tip for today on sharing your knowledge. If you’ve just discovered me, you can listen to my previous audio on marketing resources and where to find them.  


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