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Interview with Tory Krone, the co-founder of Practice Vital

I first connected with Tory Krone on LinkedIn. Last week I had a chance to chat with her about her software Practice Vital which she co-founded with her husband and two other partners. As a therapist, Tory had an insight into what group practice owners lack in running their practices more efficiently and what they need to improve the outcomes of their employees. I wanted to ask Tory specific questions about the software and her own experience building it as a private practice owner.

Tory Krone, Co-founder of Practice Vital
Tory Krone, The Co-Founder of Practice Vital

Tory, you're the co-founder of Practice Vital.

Can you describe what Practice Vital is and how it helps practice owners?

Sure! Practice Vital is the first and only automated dashboard designed specifically for group therapy practices. It pulls data from EHRs into a secure, web-based platform that updates daily. By presenting key metrics in a way that's easy to understand, Practice Vital fosters a culture of accountability and provides data-driven coaching. Clinicians can easily monitor their performance, so they can catch and address any issues before they escalate.  In short, Practice Vital simplifies practice management, making data accessible and actionable, while improving efficiency, coaching, accountability, and financial decision-making.

Many practice owners are burned out right now– there’s so much on our plates and we’re overloaded. We are often running all aspects of the business while still doing direct clinical work. We feel scattered, and we could all benefit from an efficient system that is easy to use and makes life easier on us.  Our team cares deeply about easing the weight of practice management for practice owners and their leadership teams. 

Our team cares deeply about easing the weight of practice management for practice owners and their leadership teams. 

I know that you're a therapist and practice owner yourself. What made you leap into building software?

Practice Vital was born out of my own challenges as a practice owner. I struggled with managing numbers and spreadsheets, and I never felt like I had a good grasp on the overall health of my practice. Like many other practice owners, I made decisions based on gut instinct or feeling rather than concrete data– and that proved to be messy. 

I wanted an efficient way to gather essential data and share performance insights with my clinicians. When I realized there was no existing solution, I enlisted my husband to create a dashboard for my practice. Recognizing its potential, we teamed up with his cousin and her husband, a software engineer, and ideas started flowing. We saw how Practice Vital could revolutionize practice management and could really make a difference in helping practice owners.

I watched the demo video on your website and was impressed with how user-friendly the software is. How did you approach the design of this tool?

Thank you! We wanted to create a tool that transforms messy spreadsheets into easily understandable and trackable metrics, making it simple for practice owners to make more informed decisions. One of our co-founders, Madeline, has a background in marketing and design and has spent her 20-year career helping large corporations simplify their complexities to make smarter business decisions. With her design expertise, she emphasizes the power of simplicity. Our goal with Practice Vital is to give practice owners clear, essential insights from their data. 

We appreciate how busy practice owners are, so we’ve gone to great lengths to make it intuitive and easy to use from day one. We don’t want practice owners to feel bogged down by having to learn another thing– so when they sign on to PracticeVital for the first time, their data is already displayed and they are good to go! 

How long have you been in the market now?

We’ve been in the market for less than a year, but in that short time, we’ve grown to over 400 users and introduced several new features. Our next steps include integrating revenue data and adding more EHRs to our platform.

What are your users saying about Practice Vital?

Our users say Practice Vital has transformed the way they operate their practices. They love how easy it is to track and interpret data without manual effort, and how it improves clinician performance and accountability. Many describe it as a “game-changer,” and praise our easy onboarding process and our excellent customer support. One of my favorite comments from a new customer was, "OMG, I’m obsessed with this already!"

If you'd like to learn more about PracticeVital, visit


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