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"Avivit has been invaluable in helping me to start my private practice. Her thoughtful, individualized approach has been extremely helpful in putting me on the right path. She is both knowledgeable and supportive; for me, this has been the right combination to help me move forward and shape the vision of what I want the practice to be. Thank you!"  


Kevin Giangrasso, Psy.D.


Hi! I'm Avivit Fisher

In 2015 the apartment building where I had lived, burned down

to the ground. I lost all my possessions together with the work

I had done as a small business marketing consultant.


After that, I decided to look for the right therapist to help me heal and recover. Unfortunately, I found no information about clinicians working specifically with house fire victims. It was then, that I decided to change my business and help therapists connect with the people who truly need their services. 


After long research and successful work with my clients,
I developed a focused system to target people seeking therapy
a practical Marketing Checklist approach. 


You can get this approach today and start planning your marketing step-by-step!


learn how to promote your private practice with

a simple marketing checklist

Are you confused about different marketing tools and strategies? This Marketing Checklist will help you organize your resources, tools and tactics.

Ready to take control of your marketing and start reaching new clients? 

free marketing resources for your private practice


Don't know how to define your ideal client? Download this worksheet to help you create your ideal client's profile.

Get clear on your resources

Are you confused about different marketing tools and strategies? Download this Marketing Checklist to organize your resources and tools and tactics.

Plan your marketing


Do marketing expenses make you nervous? This marketing budget spreadsheet will help you organize your priorities and your expenses. And it works for any budget!

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