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redd strategy client reviews

Mental Health Private Practice and Small Business Owners

private practice owner

"Avivit is awesome! She helped me organize my thoughts around marketing my private practice, and the actions steps she provided in our very first session made a huge difference. I'd highly recommend!"

Dr. Carla Cirilli Andrews, PsyD

private practice owner

"Avivit has been invaluable in helping me to start my private practice. Her thoughtful, individualized approach has been extremely helpful in putting me on the right path. She is both knowledgeable and supportive;
for me, this has been the right combination to help me move forward and shape the vision of what I want the practice to be. Thank you!"

Kevin Giangrasso, Psy.D.

private practice owner

"I recently met with Avivit at REdD Strategy after opening my private practice. She immediately understood my focus and helped put into words what I had been struggling with. Avivit provided me with guidance on how to move forward, and strategies to maximize my practice."

Ashley Holtzman, LMHC


"Avivit is wonderful! I requested Avivit's brand strategy and analysis skills to help me update my photography brand and website. Her review of my brand helped me to develop a clear look and direction for my business that was necessary to taking it to the next level. She is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Highly recommended!"

Jessica Schmitt, Owner of Jessica Schmitt Photography

private practice owner

"Avivit has been a huge asset to my business. Her guidance on how to market a private mental health practice has truly helped my business develop. She is responsive and provides practical steps to get results. I'd highly recommend her to anyone looking to grow their business skillset."



"I worked with RedD Strategy to create the brand platform, logo, and direction for my private business. Fifteen months later, I have a highly recognized "look" amongst my target demographic and am even beginning to be noticed by those outside my immediate geographic area! Thank you to Avivit and her amazing design eye, attention to detail, and ability to help shape my business into what it is today." 

Becky Duignan, Owner of Studio B Yoga Center

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