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content marketing: copywriting and SEO for therapists

Marketing Copywriting for Therapists in Private Practice

content marketing for therapists

Content marketing is what brought you to this page. Whether you landed here from your Google search or a social media platform, our content got you curious to find out more. 


Here, you'll find out how content marketing can help you transform your private practice from an obscure "word-of-mouth" to a thriving therapy business.

Right now over 80% of people start their search for health-related information online. People search for helpful articles, strategies, and providers to help them with their life problems. That's why creating useful content is not only smart but can be life-changing.


With that in mind, let's begin!

Problem: Why you have a hard time writing marketing copy

what does content marketing mean for therapists?

In short, it's the path to attracting clients who're the best fit for YOUR practice. 

The high demand for therapy services can cause overwhelm and burnout for many clinicians. If you want to avoid this situation or at least reduce the effects of professional burnout, working with the right clients on your terms is essential. 

Developing online content that speaks directly to your ideal client will help you generate quality leads and attract long-term clients. 

how our content marketing services can help

Have you ever received an email pitching leads through SEO or paid ads? Well, they didn't come from us. 

Although we incorporate SEO and ad strategy into our services, our goal is to make sure you'll attract the people who are the best fit for you. To achieve that, we'll create a custom-made strategy for your practice and execute our plan using our research and copywriting skills. 

By using our content marketing services, you will direct high-quality traffic to your website that will create a consistent flow of clients to your practice.  

It means that you'll be able to:
  • Stop being dependent on insurance rates and set your own fees.

  • Work with clients that bring you professional fulfillment.

  • Refocus on your client work instead of worrying about where your next referral is coming from. 

  • Free up your time to think about the next step for your practice and career. 

  • Free up the time you spend on your non-billable tasks like figuring out what to post on social media or learning SEO.

  • Stop trying haphazard expensive tactics that don't work.

Proof - statistics

What's included?

Content audit

We'll analyze your entire online presence from
a marketing and SEO perspective. Our detailed analysis will include your website traffic and optimization, listings,  and social media

content strategy

Whether you'll be writing your own content or relying on us to produce content for your practice, we will map out the best strategy that will include the best topics for your content, and content length, and explain how often you need to produce new content.

keyword research

We'll search for the best and most profitable keywords for your private practice. 

Using our industry-standard research tools, we'll provide a list of keyword opportunities for your site to stand out in online searches.

ongoing content production

We're the experts in mental health marketing and our writing is focused on the unique challenges in the mental health space.

We'll take our experience and expertise and apply it to writing high-quality content for your therapy practice. 

pricing for content marketing services: copywriting and seo

The price for your content marketing depends on your practice's immediate needs and priorities. 

If you're busy running your practice and are looking to scale your business without the need to be involved in the content generation process, you may want to consider the Full Service option. On the other hand, if you like a more hands-on approach you may benefit from our Starter or Set Up and Go options.


The size and complexity of your website play a factor in pricing as well. For a relatively new website, the optimization process won't be as extensive as for a site with 100s of pages. 

The prices below will give you an idea of the costs you can expect. Please note that the prices listed as monthly retainers are for a minimum 6 month commitement. 

set up and go

$1,500 one time fee

set up and scale

$1,500 per month 

full service

$2,500 per month 

Work Desk

this is for you if you:

For All Major Home Appliances

  • Want to attract clients online.

  • Ready to take your practice to the next level.

  • Looking for a steady stream of private pay clients.

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