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on redd strategy

Thank you for your interest in advertising and sponsorship opportunities with

REdD Strategy. 


Read to find out the information on advertising and sponsorship for:

  • Sponsored Blogs

  • Sponsored Links

  • Newsletter Ads

Website Overview

REdD Strategy is geared toward the audience of mental health providers in private practice.

Our website visitors are carefully curated by our strategic SEO efforts and quality content. 

We offer content that is exclusively beneficial to therapists in private practice that includes: marketing and business advice, software and product recommendations, and digital education. 

Our blog posts are in-depth, research-based content pieces that provide expert opinions on therapy business-related topics. 

Prices and guidelines

Below are the current rates for sponsorship on the REdD Strategy website.

Sponsored Blog Post - $100 each. 


Sponsored Blog Links - $50 each. 

If you're interested in these sponsorship opportunities, please download our guidelines.

newsletter Overview

Therapy Business Brief is a curated weekly newsletter featuring industry news, business tactics, and marketing tips.

  • When you purchase a weekly sponsorship, you get two ads: one in the weekly edition of Therapy Business Brief and one in the weekly edition of Marketing Tips.

  • In each edition, you will be one of two sponsors.

  • Both ads are sent to the full list that totals 1,400+ subscribers. The opening rate of the newsletters is typically between 50% - 60%.

  • The TBB has typically published on Fridays at 1:30 pm EST.

  • The Marketing Tips edition is typically published on Saturdays at 8:30 am EST.

  • Each issue is also posted in the TBB archives where it will be forever accessible to website visitors. 

Prices and guidelined

Newsletter text ad - $149 each. 





  • Ads are text only (no images or emojis) and can include one link.

  • Ad copy is due 72 hours prior to the newsletter date.

  • You will supply the copy for your ad.

  • All ads are subject to editorial approval.


The following terms and conditions apply to all partners who advertise on REdD Strategy.

  1. We are very selective about whom we do business with. If you’re trying to get a quick link, chances are you will not be accepted to sponsor REdD Strategy.

  2. All links are set to “No Follow.”

  3. All sponsored content is labeled as “Sponsored Content.” We will not replace the word “Sponsored” with another word. This is an FTC requirement.

  4. We only accept partnerships from brands and businesses with products and services related to marketing and operating a therapy business and mental health industry.

  5. Your sponsored post must be original content and written by humans (not AI tools). If the content is generic, we will not accept it. REdD Strategy is a content marketing agency that hand-picks quality content only for its audience.

  6. All pricing is final and must be paid before the sponsored content is created. There are no refunds. There are no rainchecks.

  7. We limit sponsored content to the REdD Strategy blog and TBB newsletter. If the limit is met, you will be notified and your request will be put on a waiting list.

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