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website building 101 

How to avoid 5 Costly Mistakes Therapists Make
on Their Websites 

a recorded live training

build your powerful website in just 8 weeks!

This program is designed to upgrade and streamline your practice management with the agility and effectiveness of digital tools.
Make your website a powerful partner in your practice management.  

the 7 common problems therapists face that
a powerful website will solve:

sounds familiar?

  • "How can I spend less time on vetting my new inquiries?"

  • "Ugh... I wish there was a way to make scheduling less complicated" 

  • "I don't have enough time to call, email and text back to new inquiries." 

  • "I have to answer new clients at night because it's the only the only time I have available, instead of unwinding or spending it with my family." 

  • "Will I lose clients in the future if I don't take on everyone now?"

  • "How can I make sure people give me all the information I need up front?"

  • "Is there another way to onboard clients without spending 30 minutes on each phone call?"

If this sounds like you - you are not alone. I have worked with many clients that needed to simplify the management of their practice. This 8-week program will help you create a powerful website that can automate all the non-billable, time-sinking tasks that complicate your life today. 

Nataliya Rusetskaya, Ph.D., LCSW

"I really needed somebody's hand in the process"

Before I worked with Avivit, I felt overwhelmed by different marketing tools and channels that are available out there, but she helped me focus on my main goals and make an easy-to-follow plan. I really needed somebody's hand in the process to help me walk that path. I have since been able to attract and start working with clients that fit my practice and work style. Very thankful!

"She is responsive and provides practical steps to get results"

Avivit has been a huge asset to my business. Her guidance on how to market a private mental health practice has truly helped my business develop. She is responsive and provides practical steps to get results. I'd highly recommend her to anyone looking to grow their business skill set.

J. A. S., LCSW

Your other options?

  • Spend 5-10 billable hours a week figuring out how to create a website. 

  • Spend months on researching the digital tools by watching YouTube video
    tutorials and registering to free webinars. 

  • Learn the differences between different website builders and the right themes
    for your therapy website on your own. 

  • Figure out how to create the content for your website that helps your visitors
    convert to clients by taking content writing workshops and courses and spend $250-$2,500 for just a few days.

  • Outsource to a website designer that will take charge and create the website
    for you at a $100/hr rate.

And while these are all viable options, they will take the time and money you could invest in building your private practice on your terms. 

but with my program, you will...

  • Have access to my marketing knowledge and experience at your fingertips. 

  • Receive live feedback and accountability in our 8 personalized 1:1 sessions together. 

  • Establish credibility and increase your online reach.

  • Automate the little mundane tasks that hijack your time.

  • Simplify your practice management and communication.

  • Save countless, billable hours not doing it alone.

  • Feel in control of the powerful website that your practice deserves. 

  • Be ready to go in just 8 weeks.

stop wasting time you don't have. choose the better option for your private practice digital future. 


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