Website Marketing Audit

Unlock your website's sales power

Get more traffic and conversions

If you are confident in your product, but simply can’t understand why
your traffic doesn’t convert, you need to re-examine your website.

A website audit will be able to map your customer’s journey and determine
how to adjust your content and design to help you sell!

What does the audit include?

Content Audit

Find out how effective your marketing copy, images and graphics are. Discover how to keep your potential customers on your website and what content will help you convert them. 

Design Audit

Discover the blind spots of your design. Understand how easy it is to navigate your website and if your message is supported by layout and usability. 

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Sales Tools

Put yourself in your customer's shoes with a mapped out customer journey. Analyze how easy it is for your visitor to purchase and get useful information. Discover the power of testimonials and calls to action. 


Examine your main competitors. Learn what they are doing well and define how your website can stand out from your competition. 

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"For a small business owner like myself, my website is a vital sales source.
But sometimes it can be hard to view it from a customer's perspective.

The audit helped me find out my blind spots and gave me useful tips
on improving my content and usability for 
optimal conversion."

Lina Kreymerman,

Ready to discover how powerful your website is?

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