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Congratulations! You finally took a leap
of faith and decided to open your own private practice. You want your practice to support the life you want to lead, but you are just not sure how to start attracting clients and position yourself for success. 


I eliminate the overwhelm and show you how to plan and promote your launch.

"I worked with Avivit to create a blog site, brand positioning strategy, and a logo. What I really liked about RedD Strategy was that Avivit got to know me through meetings in person and virtually. She was able to take what she learned about me to shape the way my content is presented. The brand positioning and market research were tremendously helpful too!"  

James Garringer

This is a good fit if you...

  • Ready to launch your Private Practice.

  • Want to have a marketing strategy and an action plan.

  • Have many promotional ideas, but not sure what makes sense for you. 

  • Need help with your brand, name, logo and a website. 

  • Want to understand how to attract the right clients for your future practice.

  • Just need to organize and prioritize your marketing budget and expenses.

Avivit Fisher

I'm Avivit Fisher, and I want you to launch your private practice with all the marketing tools that you need
to be successful!

Starting a private practice is both exciting and stressful. It requires business understanding and tools. Marketing is one

of the most important components of your future business. Without it, people will not be able to find you and understand how you can help them.


But planning your launch, trying to create a brand and learning about marketing tools is very time consuming and overwhelming. 

You catch yourself thinking:

  • "Do I have what it takes to run a private practice?"

  • "What if I can't get enough clients?"

  • "What is the most important thing I have to invest in?"


These thoughts are completely valid and understandable. And yet, I know that by preparing a successful launching strategy, you can reduce the stress of opening a new business. With the right coach in your corner, you can get the right marketing tools and an action plan to help you navigate these new waters. That's why I created customized coaching packages to support your needs.


Are you ready to get into action and start the practice of your dreams? Schedule your FREE Discovery Call today! 



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Learn who your Ideal Client so you can reach the people you most enjoy working with. Download this FREE worksheet to help

you create an

ideal client's profile.

create a custom
ALL-in-one website
Website Mockup

Get an all-in-one modern, mobile friendly professional website for your practice from Brighter Vision.

Use Coupon Code REDDSTRATEGY to get 1 month FREE!


The proven step-by-step method to zero-inon your ideal client and design an engaging message to connect and convert. 


Do you have a website already,
but you are
not sure if it's impactful enough?

Get a website audit and convert it into
a powerful marketing tool


Quickly plan your marketing! Get this very easy to follow marketing plan worksheet that

will help you plan your marketing

in no time. 

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