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Marketing  training 

to start
a private practice

Ready to let the world know about your new Private Practice

If that's you, this program will help you get the word out and start attracting clients as soon as you open your office. 

I will show you the marketing direction that you should take and tell you which tools are right for you, so you can get focused, follow a clear plan and start to consistently attract new clients. 

I will start by doing sending you a detailed questionnaire and then will work with you to develop an actionable and easy to follow marketing plan for your therapy business.

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Nataliya Rusetskaya, Ph.D., LCSW

Before I worked with Avivit, I felt overwhelmed by different marketing tools and channels that are available out there, but she helped me focus on my main goals and make an easy-to-follow plan. I really needed somebody's hand in the process to help me walk that path. I have since been able to attract and start working with clients that fit my practice and work style. Very thankful!

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