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Helping Therapists To Grow Their Private Practice With Efficient Marketing

Hi, I am Avivit Fisher, a marketing coach and the owner of REdD Strategy.

I help therapists like yourself to reach the clients they are meant to help in a deliberate

and efficient way. 

Please take a minute to watch my introduction video below in which I am explaining how I can help you grow your private practice and why I chose to work with therapists.

Today, 1 in 5 adults in the US have experienced a mental health issue, but not all are being treated. There are various reasons for that, the location they live in, their financial ability and others. But there is another one. Sometimes they don’t know who can actually help them.

In 2015, I became a victim of an apartment building fire. I have lost everything I had together with my decade long work portfolio and my pet. After it happened I was desperately searching for information on dealing with the post traumatic stress that came after the fire and there wasn’t much out there. Or maybe, there was’t much that I could find. It took me over a year to find the right therapists to talk to. 

I then saw a gap between the people who are in need of mental health help and the information available out there created specifically for them. So I decided that I wanted to help close that gap a little by helping therapists promote their expertise and reach the people that actually need it. 

Now, If you ever felt like promoting your services as a therapist is undermining the integrity of your profession, you are not alone. Many therapists shy away from marketing, because it feels salesy or it feels like bragging. After all you are in it to heal people. But people need to find you first before you can heal them. So if you want to reach the people that you can help and are meant to help, learn how you can market your practice ethically so you can consistently fill your calendar with clients. 

As a therapist you have the skills to connect with people one-on-one. Marketing is about connection on a larger scale. You can take the first step and learn about marketing your practice right now by downloading the "10 ways to market your practice ethically" guide. Just click on the link and get the marketing tools you need.  


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