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Why undirected empathy is useless in your marketing message

Your marketing voice has empathy. You are trying to show that you know where your audience is coming from in your messaging. And you give your audience the permission to feel what they are feeling; anxious, depressed, frustrated, angry, happy, satisfied, sad...

The one thing that is lacking in all this is directing your message at one person. Who is this person?

Is it a mother who just had a second child and is overwhelmed with responsibilities and emotional giving?

Is it a mother of a hormonal teenage girl who doesn't know how to help her daughter?

Is it a young man, anxious about his future?

What kind of challenges does this person have? What kind of lifestyle?

Empathy without a purpose is useless in your marketing message.

Specificity creates a direct message to the decision maker for theirs or their family's mental health. Empathy without a purpose is useless in your marketing message. Direct your empathy to connect with that one person who is looking for your help. The person who is seeking to be understood and helped. Try to understand where they are at this particular moment and describe it back to them.

Don't talk to them about their symptoms over and over again. Give them hope that there is a solution and you can help them find it.

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