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Why Psychologysts Are Secretly The Best Marketers

Marketing is solving a problem

"Marketing is the generous act of helping someone solve a problem. Their problem." Seth Godin

I highlighted this quote in the latest book by Seth Godin "This is Marketing", because it sums up perfectly what marketing is and also isn't.

If you are worried about marketing your business - your practice, because you feel like healing should not be commercialized or just promoted like a used car, this sentence can be an anchor to your understanding of what you should do.

I am sure that we can agree that your practice is a business. The nature of your services should not change the mindset of running a business. You still need clients to be able to pay yourself and your expenses. And in business, you can't rely on external forces to bring clients in. It is your job to tell them how you can improve their lives, how you can solve their problems.

Luckily, your expertise allow you to understand your ideal client's motivations and problems better than any other business owner ever could. You know exactly why the people who are in need of your help, are looking for you. Defining these people's problems and putting them into words that they would be using, will help you form the right solution for them. A solution that they will be able to relate to and understand that they need it, need you.

It is your job to tell them how you can improve their lives, how you can solve their problems.

As it turns out, psychology is an integral part of marketing. It is being used to create emotion in advertising, to predict customer behavior and connect with a specific audience. When you are learning to understand your target market, you need to understand its psychographic so you can create a marketing message that it would relate to. Your professional skills give you a unique business advantage in that respect. All you need to do is use them to market your practice to the people who are searching for you.

If you would like to continue this conversation and gain a better understanding on how to market your practice, schedule a FREE Discovery call now.


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