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The one element that will make or break your messaging

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We know that human connections are based on shared values. That's why big corporations started listing their brands' values on websites and build brands that connect with people who share and appreciate those values.

That said, you as a private practitioner, don't need necessarily to showcase your personal values to the world to grow your business. Your job is to understand the value system of the people you want to attract.

The Ideal Client's Profile Worksheet has a field dedicated to describing your client's values and personality. I put it there, because you need to understand what your ideal client values and wants to attain by working with you. Unless you understand that, you risk developing a message that will not resonate with them.

Your job is to understand the value system of the people you would like to attract.

When I finally decided to sign up for a gym membership, I wasn't motivated by my need to lead a healthy lifestyle. In fact I believed that I was already living in a healthy way. Well, minus the exercise... What finally got me in the door was my desire to look beautiful. See, to me, deep down beauty is of a higher value than a healthy lifestyle. So as an owner of a gym, how would you know that about me? In one word: research.

Your ideal client needs to be studied, interviewed, observed on social media, asked the right questions. You need to do this legwork if you want to understand their values, mindset, desires and motivations. This will help you create a compelling message that will connect, convert and fill your practice with people who will be willing to the work.


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