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A Website Design That Will Boost Your Therapy Practice

In 2018, your website should be one of the most powerful marketing tools in your arsenal. According to the Pew Research Center report from 2013, 35 percent of adults in America have gone online to figure out their medical condition. 5 years later, those numbers have significantly increased which gave birth to the online therapy services. The good news from the marketing perspective is that people who are looking for a metal health provider are more motivated than other consumers to solve their problems. It is your goal to make their experience on your website as convenient as possible for contacting you.

If you have a website already and you want to analyze its efficiency, you can audit it and find out how and what you need to improve. If you are planning to build a new website, here are the elements that you need to define ahead of time:

Content. Right now the ranking and search ability of your website is driven by the quality of your content. What does it mean exactly? Your content needs to be relevant to people’s searches. You can divide it into these main points.

  • Value proposition. A value proposition is your clear message for your client. It needs to communicate the benefit of your services in a understandable and concise way. If you don’t have a clear idea of what your value proposition is, you can use this template to define it. This is the first impression that you would leave on your prospective client. Here is an example of a successful value proposition: “ “

  • Calls to action. In sales people need to be nudged or pushed a little to make a decision. That said you will not be present online with each person that lands on your website. So your content needs to do it for you. You need to write your text urging your client to act and connect with you. If you are offering an introductory session you need to ask your potential client to call you now. If you want that person to sign up for your newsletter or download a document, you need to tell them that. This text is the right sales push in your physical absence. You need to urge your website visitor to act in a way that would be helpful for your business.

  • Landing Pages. A landing page is a page that serves one specific purpose and has one message only. It can be a sales page or an announcement page. It has to be clear with a call to action for the viewer. Landing pages are a great promotional asset. When you advertise a link to your landing page, you are directing a very purposeful traffic to your website with an intent to convert. Your website needs to have one or more landing pages to help with your ranking.

  • Blog and media. Your blog is that original content I mentioned earlier that will help you with The SEO. Video is the new favorite for the web consumer. Linking one post to another will also help your ranking and create a continuity for your reader.

Design and usability. I remember the times when a website was all about the original design and animation. Those times are gone. Your website design needs to do everything to create a good experience for the viewer. It needs to be hierarchically clear, aesthetically pleasant and easy to use. Your website visitor has a very short attention span, in fact, users stay less than 59 seconds on a website. So if your bounce rate (the percentage of visitors who leave quickly) is high, your website is perceived as being of a lower quality. A user friendly design is one of the major components that can lower your bounce rate. Besides the aesthetics of your website, there are 3 other important components of a good website design.

  • Navigation. This is an important element of your overall design, because it needs to guide your visitor to conversion. There more intuitive the navigation is, the better the experience will. be. Spending time on designing your navigation is going to help your future conversions.

  • Speed. You need to consider how fast your website can load. If we know that a visitor stays on a page for less than 59 seconds on average, the time will be much shorter if your website can’t load fast enough.

  • Mobile Friendly. According to Google, more than 50 percent of internet users use their mobile devises for their searches. Your website needs to be mobile optimized if you want to capture a wide enough audience and get the business you are looking for.

I can imagine that this list can see intimidating and confusing to you, but if you tackle one element at a time, you will start seeing what works and what doesn’t. That said, it is not easy to do a website audit on your own, because it might feel personal. A Website Audit Report has been developed specifically to help you understand the true quality of your website.

Get your Website Audit here and unlock the sales power of your website.


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