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Therapy business brief: The old-fashioned medium of modern marketing

Using Audio for marketing your therapy business.

Podcasts for therapists. Audio marketing strategy for therapy business

The Myth of Video and Radio Rivalry

Turns out that Radio has been resurrected. Well, not radio but the audio really. In the last couple of weeks, I've been dealing with Covid in my household. My entire family has been battling the virus in its different stages and so we were all mostly left to our own devices.

Tired of binge-watching, I started listening to an audiobook. I was able to rest, go for a walk and do house chores while learning and entertaining myself.

Not incidentally, Covid has had a major impact on the growth of audio with people getting tired of screens. In fact, Edison Research reported that 73% of Americans had listened to online audio within the past month, up from 61% in 2017 and just 39% a decade ago.

And pharma marketers are jumping on the audio bandwagon, investing in audio campaigns through podcasts and radio.

Podcasts to Note

Not unlike pharma marketers, I also like to use audio for my own marketing. Podcasts are an ideal platform to have an in-depth conversation, create brand awareness, and also bring significant value to listeners on various topics.

In the past week, I recorded an episode on the Flourishing Therapreneur's podcast talking about the nuances of the therapy business. You can see a short clip here, but the entire episode will air sometime in August. (Stay Tuned!)

But since we're on a topic of podcasts, here are a few that I found valuable recently: "How to feel like a success" on the Practice of the Practice Podcast. "How to sell without feeling fake" on the I Want to Know Podcast. "Where is happiness?" on the Making Sense Podcast

Catching up with Market Research

Qualitative Research has long been used by marketing agencies to better understand the customer experience.

Now, a study commissioned by the Department of Public Health and Human Services is using qualitative research to better understand the mental health crisis in Montana.

In the course of the research, 26 people have been interviewed about their personal mental health crisis experiences to better understand the crisis response system.

This type of research approach is the first one done in the state of Montana, but is showing to be effective in shedding light on the problem.

Integration is the word

"Eight of the country's leading physician organizations recently issued a call-to-action urging support for primary care practices to integrate behavioral health services into their operations."

As a response to the mental health crisis, physicians want to change the healing approach to be more holistic, treating both mind and body at the same time.

And they are not the only ones. A bipartisan group of senators is crafting a mental health package focusing on pay-parity and telehealth expansion.

The Takeaway

If there's one lesson that you could take from today's article is that conversations can be very revealing.

Talking to your clients about their journey to find you will help you create a better path to attract new clients and talking to other providers can help you create collaboration opportunities and grow your business.

As a marketing tool, having conversations on podcasts, radio shows, and other platforms will showcase your skills and knowledge without resorting to catchy slogans.


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