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The secret to your marketing rhythm

How to create a marketing plan

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The owner of the gym I go to sends me (and his entire list) a weekly email. Sometimes I feel

like he’s addressing it only to me. Maybe I am his ideal client :) In his last email he was talking about enjoying the momentum that one creates by going to the gym. Not focusing on the specific goal you have set for yourself, but rather staying in the rhythm that you have created.

I have to admit that he’s right in many ways. I created a rhythm with my workout routine in which I am propelled into action, whether I feel like it or not. And at the end of the day I enjoy it, I feel a sense of accomplishment and physical strength. But another reason for my persistence and keeping the rhythm is that I can apply the same concept to developing my business and promoting it.

Marketing is an ongoing progress, not a project that you are working on for a few months and then abandon completely.

My actions have resulted in a momentum in which I keep following the course I have set for myself. Scheduling, promoting, writing, booking, coaching. All that has a rhythm to it even though it is not always immediately successful. In the end, my efforts do bear fruit. What I want for you is setting the marketing wheels in motion so you too can create a rhythm and not have the sense of "stop and go" or worse, feeling like you don't have a direction. Marketing is an ongoing progress, not a project that you are working on for a few months and then abandon completely. If you want to get into its rhythm, you need to start with these steps:

1. Set realistic, measurable and practical goals.

2. Assess your current situation and resources.

4. Define a strategy for creating those goals.

5. Develop a step-by-step plan.

6. Prepare and schedule your work.

7. Keep up with the plan.

There are no real hacks or shortcuts to this process, but you will learn to enjoy the momentum and have the confidence to keep on going.

If you need help finding your marketing rhythm, schedule a Discovery Call today.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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