5 Steps to Unlock Your Core Message

When you established your value proposition you figured out who will benefit from your services and how. It’s the first step and it is essential to understand it, but it doesn’t always translate well when you are trying to promote your services.

When it comes to promotion of your services, you need to base your content on one foundational message that everything else is stemming from. It is the main thing that you want to be known for. So for example: if you are working with couples who are looking for new way to reconnect and you provide them with new and effective tools, this is the core message that you want to be known for. Note that it’s very different from a general “couples therapy” promotional message, which is very general can include a variety of audiences and issues.

"When it comes to promotion of your services, you need to base your content on one foundational message."

In addition to establishing the essence of your services to yourself, you can use this core message to anchor your promotional content. You will know that writing about effective ways to rekindle a stale marriage will resonate with your audience as opposed to tools for newlyweds or couples at severe odds.

So now that you understand the importance of your core messaging, here is how you should go about understanding what your core message is:

  1. Define who you are working with

  2. Describe what you are doing with them

  3. Establish what is the main thing you are helping with

  4. Strip off all the inessential details

  5. Tie it all together

If you are still at a loss and would like to talk more in depth about your core message, book a FREE Discovery Call with me today.

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