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Marketing training



Want to set up your new practice for success and know how to attract clients right away?

If you do, this 6-weeks comprehensive program is for you. 

I will show how to let the world know about you and your new practice. Together we will develop a marketing direction uniquely designed for your business. You will know which tools are right for you, so you can get focused, follow a clear plan and start to consistently attract new clients. 

I will start by doing sending you a detailed questionnaire and then will work with you to develop an actionable and easy to follow marketing plan for your ABA business.

What's included in the program:

  • Three (3) one-on-one by weekly coaching sessions with me.
    For your convenience, we can do the sessions via video calls.
    *If you live in Northern NJ we can do the first session in person at your office location. 


  • One (1) 90-Minute one-on-one discovery and definition session
    to kick-off the program. This first meeting will be all about understanding the unique challenges of your practice and focus on mapping out the main goals and strategy to grow your therapy business. You will receive an email with our meeting's summary.


  • Two (2) 60-Minute one-on-one marketing training sessions. during these sessions, we will focus on one marketing tactic
    and outline the action steps you need to take moving forward. 
    The tactics will be defined based on the specific needs of your private practice and may include: partnerships and affiliations, networking, optimisation of online presence, grass-roots efforts, social media, seo, email marketing, etc.
    We will end our sessions with a list of actionable steps for you to work on. 


  • Weekly follow-up emails from me in which I will make sure to remind you of your actionable to-do lists and will be available
    to answer your questions. 


  • I will supply a list of marketing tools and applications you will need for the implementation of your marketing plan. 

  • You will have access to any relevant Checklist, video and audio tutorials and workbooks that you will need for your marketing strategy.

  • An option to record our meetings so you can watch them later to refresh your memory.

It is my goal that by the end of 6 weeks, you will get the clarity and the confidence to promote your services and know how to consistently attract new clients to grow and enjoy your ABA business.

* A travel fee of $30 will be added to the total price of your package. 

Your investment for this program is $399

* This rate exclusively applies to the members of the ABA Business Elite VIP Program. 

sounds good?
then Here is what you need to do:


  • You will be redirected to my calendar page where you will choose the time slot for our 90-minute session that best works for you.

  • After you book the appointment, you will be taken to a checkout page to make a full payment.

  • After you schedule our first appointment, you will get a confirmation email with a link to a questionnaire. *Please fill it out prior to our meeting.

  • You will receive a meeting reminder 48 hours prior to our scheduled session, please confirm. 

  • Our session will be held remotely via a video service (Zoom, FaceBook, Google or Skype) or in-person
    if you are located in Northern NJ.

  • After the session, you will receive an email with the session summary and a marketing action list.
    You should expect this email within 24 hours after our session.

  • Take action!

Information about refund and cancellation policy is noted during the scheduling process. 


Kevin E. Giangrasso, Psy.D.

Avivit has been invaluable in helping me to start my private practice. Her thoughtful, individualized approach has been extremely helpful in putting me on the right path. She is both knowledgeable and supportive; for me, this has been the right combination to help me move forward and shape the vision of what I want the practice to be.

Do you have questions? Ask me anything!


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