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90-minute consultation on business strategy and marketing for private practice owners  

marketing clarity call

Clarity is your most valuable business asset.

Without clarity, you may find yourself stuck in the same place without a clear path to move forward. 

You might feel unsure about the right method to use to attract clients or confused about whom you'd like to attract.

Or worse, you may find yourself slowly burning out from overwork and low work satisfaction. 

But once you get clear on what your goal should be, which strategy to focus on, and what you need to accomplish, everything will get easier!

My Marketing Clarity Call will help you get rid of confusion and gain a clear focus. 

In 90 minutes.

Here's what my recent client said about working with me: "You absolutely nailed my essence. Thanks for SEEING me!!"


about the clarity call

Want my help?

Click to schedule your
90-minute clarity call. 

You'll come out of the call with:

  • A clear definition of your #1 business goal

  • Clear steps on overcoming your biggest marketing
    and business challenges


  • A clear strategy and action steps you need to take
    to reach your main goal and create a practice you
    can thrive in.

After the call, you'll receive a detailed summary of our meeting, steps to follow, and a list of recommendations.

frequently asked questions

How will this session help me?
Besides having a marketing expert's guidance, you will be able to talk through your ideas, challenges, and goals for your private practice. Often, just talking through these things can help you gain insight and get to an "aha!" moment quickly. In addition, you'll have a clear idea of what to do next to reach your goal.

How much can we cover in one session?
This is a concentrated conversation on the most immediate goal or challenge in your business and marketing. You will get a detailed questionnaire ahead of time to make sure that we understand each other quickly and remain focused during our conversation.

Will I be able to apply your advice right away?
Yes! When I work with my clients, they receive a list of action steps after each session, it makes no difference if I see them once or for a prolonged period of time. You will be able to use my advice immediately. 

how it works

Coaching is provided as
one-on-one mentorship sessions. 


After you schedule your meeting, you will receive an email with confirmation and
a meeting link.

Prior to our meeting, you will
be sent a detailed questionnaire for me to better understand the nature of your practice and dive right in when we meet. 

If you're interested in working together, just schedule a meeting here

"She is both knowledgeable and supportive"

"Avivit has been invaluable in helping me to start my private practice. Her thoughtful, individualized approach has been extremely helpful in putting me on the right path. She is both knowledgeable and supportive; for me, this has been the right combination to help me move forward and shape the vision of what I want the practice to be. Thank you!"  


Kevin Giangrasso, Psy.D.

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