Why I coach


I founded REdD Strategy

(which stands for Research,

Evaluate, Define, Design) 

with the idea of helping small business

owners with marketing strategy. I now focus on mental health marketing and here is a video that explains what prompted me to make this shift


It is often very tempting to try out new techniques without investing the time in market analysis and strategy. Discovering the right marketing tools is an additional effort in an already busy schedule of a business owner.


On the flip side, the same business owners often go through an unnecessary and expensive trial and error in marketing on their own. I don't believe that you, as a busy entrepreneur, should go through this frustrating process.


My goal is to channel your marketing resources into

an effective and actionable plan.


What You Can Expect From Me


It took many years for me to formulate what my strongest skill is. Through years of experience and work with clients, I realized that organizing thought process is what I am best at. I can prioritize and organize any chaos of ideas and channel them into an actionable plan, easy to comprehend and follow.

I invite you to use my skill and work with me.

Hello! I am Avivit (Ah-vee-veet)
and I am a Marketing Coach for Therapists in Private Practice.

What makes me the expert?


16,696 Hours of professional graphic design work

10,435 Hours of work in corporate marketing

1,792 Hours dedicated to marketing research

4,192 Hours of project management work

12,522 Hours spent on college and graduate education in Communications and Business Management


I am also a passionate content writer and an ardent content consumer; books, research, articles and videos.


In fact, I am constantly learning from other experts in marketing and business. I believe in continuous training and knowledge acquisition.

My Bio

I started my career as a designer and worked in
marketing environments, designing product brands, corporate identity and marketing campaigns. It was during that time that I felt the need to learn more about the business side of creativity, earning a Masters degree in Design Management from Pratt Institute.


Since then I have helped small business owners write business plans, develop marketing strategies, create authentic brands and hone their message. My work has helped my clients increase sales, successfully enter new markets and take their businesses to the next level. 

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